3D Printing & Prototyping

3D printing and prototyping is the essential transition from design to testing. 3D printing (additive manufacturing) and conventional manufacturing processes are utilized to bring your design to life. 

ZED Services is a full-service development firm and offers a range of services for the creation of prototypes and parts, including:

3D Printing: ZED Services provides industrial grade 3D printing services to produce functional prototype parts and assemblies.

Conventional Manufacturing: ZED Services will facilitate production of parts and assemblies which are not suitable for 3D printing. We have expertise in and can support machining, molding, casting, forming or just about any other specialty fabrication methods. We have a network of trusted manufacturers and vendors we work with, or we can identify and vet new suppliers as needed.

Prototype Design: ZED Services offers prototype design services, including the design of prototypes optimized for selected manufacturing processes.

Material Selection: ZED Services provides material selection services to ensure the desired mechanical, chemical, electrical and thermal properties.

Post-Processing: ZED Services offers post-processing services, including the finishing and refining of prototypes and parts to meet customer specifications.

Low Volume Production: ZED Services provides low volume production 3D printing and assembly services for products and projects developed by us or we can quote prototyping / production of your designs.