Machine design is a branch of mechanical engineering that deals with the design and development of machines, including both mechanical and electrical components. Machine designers apply principles of mechanics, materials science, and electronics to create functional and efficient machines, including engines, pumps, robots, and manufacturing equipment.

ZED Services offers a range of services for the design and development of machines, including:

Machine Design and Development: Machine design and development services, including the design of mechanical and electrical components and the integration of these components into functional machines.

Prototype Design and Testing: Prototype design and testing services, including the design and testing of prototypes to ensure they meet performance, reliability, and safety requirements.

Manufacturing Process Design: Manufacturing process design services, including the design of manufacturing processes and the selection of equipment and tools to ensure efficient and cost-effective production.

Technical Documentation: Technical documentation services, including the preparation of technical drawings, specifications, and user manuals to support the production and use of machines.

Project Management: Project management services, including the management of machine design projects from conceptualization to implementation.