Mechanical engineering deals with the design, development, construction, and use of machines and mechanical systems. Mechanical engineers apply the principles of mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, materials science, and robotics to create a wide range of products and systems, including engines, power plants, heating and cooling systems, medical devices, and manufacturing equipment.

ZED Services can support a variety of mechanical engineering and design projects, including:

Industrial Equipment Design: Design and development of industrial equipment, including machines and systems used in manufacturing, assembly, and other industrial processes.

Medical Devices: Design and development of a range of medical devices, including diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments, and rehabilitation devices.

Specialty Interfaces: Design and development of custom mounts and interfaces for equipment adapters and custom applications for integration of end user equipment.

Automation and Robotics: Design and engineering services for automation and robotics systems, including the development of custom solutions for a wide range of industries.