Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering that deals with the design and development of complex systems, including both hardware and software components. Systems engineers apply a holistic approach to the design, development, and implementation of systems, considering factors such as performance, reliability, cost, and maintainability.

ZED Services, as a systems engineering design firm, offers a wide range of services for the development of complex systems, including:

  1. Systems Integration: ZED Services provides systems integration services, including the integration of hardware and software components into a cohesive system.

  2. Requirements Analysis and Management: ZED Services offers requirements analysis and management services, including the identification, documentation, and management of system requirements.

  3. System Architecture Design: ZED Services provides system architecture design services, including the design of system architecture and the selection of components and subsystems.

  4. Test and Evaluation: ZED Services offers test and evaluation services, including the testing and evaluation of systems to ensure they meet performance, reliability, and safety requirements.

  5. Project Management: ZED Services provides project management services, including the management of systems engineering projects from conceptualization to implementation.